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History of the Anti-Christ

Author: B. Gibson

Text copyright © 2014 B. Gibson

All Rights Reserved

Revelation 18:4
"... Come out of her, my people, that ye be not partakers of her sins..."

I have been investigating materiel for this book for over 20 years. I will tell the story of how I got started. While I was in the Army I had been stationed in Nuremberg Germany. This was shortly after the East German wall had been torn down and East and West Germany had once again been reunited. I always loved history and this town was very old and had very many historical sites that intrigued me. I lived on a very old street named "Jacobinin Strasse". This street I learned had been named after a group called the "Jacobins". We will learn more about them in a later chapter in this book. These are my own viewpoints and understandings from what I have researched. I am sure others have different opinions and beliefs on certain aspects. However I hope that my readers will agree on who the Anti-Christ is as this should be common among all of the protestant faith. So I will try to present different views and understandings of scripture when I can. However we should all have knowledge and be watchful of the Anti-Christ and agree on this. There should be no doubt whom scripture is referring to concerning this.

Now I will tell the story of how I got started. I had a girlfriend at the time who had come from Yugoslavia. She had some friends who had recently moved to Nuremburg from the former East Germany. One day we all with some other friends went to a restaurant and we were all talking about our families and where we grew up. I was of course very interested in hearing their stories of growing up in East Germany. They were going back to visit relatives and asked me and my girlfriend if we wanted to go see were they came from. Never wanting to pass up a good adventure I thought this would be a once in a lifetime opportunity to learn some more history.

We arrived in Dresden and I noticed parts of the town were still in ruins from World War II. As we were driving around I noticed an entire area with bombed out buildings. I could tell by the architecture that some of these buildings had at once looked very nice. So I asked my friends about these buildings and was told it had been a Lutheran women's university before the war. They told me stories that their grandparents had told them about the city. They told me the stories about how Dresden had once been the most beautiful city in Germany and now it was in ruins after the war.

As we toured East Germany I noticed some places had been untouched by the war. When I asked them about why some places and whole towns had been left alone I was given a surprising answer. They responded by saying "Oh those were all Catholic places so they didn't get destroyed". This was surprising to me because my girlfriend had given me a similar answer before when I asked her about Yugoslavia. At the time I had thought nothing about it but now I became very interested in this. I looked at the map of Europe and noticed that all of the Catholic countries had been spared destruction. Remember how Poland and France had fallen quickly without a shot fired. These had been historically the Catholic areas. The more research I did only confirmed for me that World War II had been actually a form of modern day inquisition. It did after all result in eliminating the Jews, Orthodox and protestants. At a later time I went to Rome and found out the Jesuits had indeed been involved. I went to the building I was told they had been operating from called "The Congregation for Doctrine and Faith". It was years later that I found out this same building had once been formerly known as the "Supreme Sacred Congregation of the Roman and Universal Inquisition", from where the names Roman Inquisition or "Holy Inquisition" arose. They had simply removed the old sign and put up a new front on the old building which served the same function. The three men that divided the world at the Yalta conference (Winston Churchill, Franklin D. Roosevelt and Joseph Stalin) had all been highlevel freemasons and had associations with Rome. This began to make me wonder if this war and many others had been indeed an inquisition.

It is from this experience that I started to write this book. People need to be aware of this kind of history as it tends to repeat itself if we are not careful. If we take a close look at history the Bible becomes very clear. So let us begin.

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