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The Little Horn Power Explained

Let us review the characteristics of the little horn to see if in fact they really do apply to the papacy. Let’s see if the Bible truly does expose this evil power as that of Antichrist.

Here is a good video where Moses Prophesied of the Antichrist or Little horn power. I don't always agree with everything said by others and I am sure not everyone agrees with me on all things but it is a very good video.

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The Little Horn Power Explained Videos

The Little Horn Power Explained

Daniel 7:8
"I considered the horns, and, behold, there came up among them another little horn, before whom there were three of the first horns plucked up by the roots: and, behold, in this horn were eyes like the eyes of man, and a mouth speaking great things."

Revelation 13:4
"And they worshipped the dragon which gave power unto the beast: and they worshipped the beast, saying, Who is like unto the beast? who is able to make war with him?"

When Rome crumbled, it split into ten separate nations. According to this prophecy, someone will receive the power of Rome after this split. We know from history Rome killed Christians because history tells us all about Christians being thrown to lions in Roman Coliseums? Who took over for the Roman Emperors after it fell? We will let their own publications tell us who it was.

"Long ages ago, when Rome through the neglect of the Western emperors was left to the mercy of the barbarous hordes, the Romans turned to one figure for aid and protection, and asked him to rule them; and thus, . . . commenced the temporal sovereignty of the popes. And meekly stepping to the throne of Caesar, the vicar of Christ took up the scepter to which the emperors and kings of Europe were to bow in reverence through so many ages."
Source: American Catholic Quarterly Review April, 1911

"The Caesar who now addresses you, and to whom alone are obedience and fidelity due."
Source: Pope Pius IX, in his "Discorsi" I., p. 253

Anti-Christ by definition means "alter Christus" or another Christ or in the place of Christ. Does this happen in the Roman Catholic system? I will simply post their Quotes and the Quotes of others to prove it.

Tertullian (ca.160 – ca.220 AD) held that the Roman Empire was the restraining force written about by Paul in 2 Thessalonians 2:7-8.
The fall of Rome and the disintegration of the ten provinces of the Roman Empire into ten kingdoms were to make way for the Antichrist.

"For that day shall not come, unless indeed there first come a falling away,' he [Paul] means indeed of this present empire, 'and that man of sin be revealed,' that is to say, Antichrist, 'the son of perdition, who opposeth and exalteth himself above all that is called God or religion; so that he sitteth in the temple of God, affirming that he is God. Remember ye not, that when I was with you, I used to tell you these things? And now ye know what detaineth, that he might be revealed in his time. For the mystery of iniquity doth already work; only he who now hinders must hinder, until he be taken out of the way.' What obstacles is there but the Roman state, the falling away of which, by being scattered into the ten kingdoms, shall introduce Antichrist upon (its own ruins)? And then shall be revealed the wicked one, whom the Lord shall consume with the spirit of His mouth, and shall destroy with the brightness of His coming: even him whose coming is after the working of Satan, with all power, and signs, and lying wonders, and with all deceivableness of unrighteousness in them that perish."
Source: Tertullian ca.160 – ca.220 AD concerning 2 Thessalonians 2:7-8

So when Rome fell it made way for the rise of the Anti-Christ. There are many quotes in history that can attest to this being the case. This new Roman Empire was much different and more dangerous than any empire before it. It derives its power from secrecy and deceit. It is perfected paganism.

Quotes concerning Rome
"...He who now hinders must hinder until he be taken out of the way. What obstacle is there but the Roman State; the falling away of which, by being scattered into ten kingdoms, shall introduce antichrist..."
Source: Tertullian On the Resurrection" Chapters 24, 25. Christian Apologist in North Africa (200 AD)
"Only there is one that restraineth now, until he be taken out of the way, that is when the Roman Empire is taken out of the way, then he [Antichrist] shall come."
Source: John Chrysostom Homily on 2 Thessalonians 2, Number 4, Bishop of Constantinople (390 AD)
"We have the consenting testimony of the early fathers, from Irenaeus, the disciple of St. John, down to Chrysostom and Jerome, to the effect that it was understood to be the imperial power ruling and residing at Rome."
Source: Edward B. Elliot Commentary on the Apocalypse, Volume 3, Pg. 92 (1862)
"If a man considers the Origin of this great ecclesiastical dominion, he will easily perceive that the Papacy is none other than the ghost of the deceased Roman Empire, sitting crowned upon the grave thereof."
Source: Thomas Hobbes Leviathan page 457
"This judicial authority will even include the power to pardon sin."
Source: Catholic Encyclopedia Vol. 12, art. "Pope" P. 265
"Seek where you will, through heaven and Earth, and you will find the one created being who can forgive the sinner, who can free him from the chains of Hell. That extraordinary being is the priest, the Roman Catholic Priest."
Source: The Catholic Priest page 78
Blasphemous Authority given to the Priests
"Thou art a priest forever: says the ordaining Bishop... He is no longer a man, a sinful child of Adam, but an 'Alter Christus', (or another Christ)... Forever the Most High with power over the Almighty."
Source: Priest Ordination
"God Himself is obliged to abide by the judgment of His priests, and either not to pardon or to pardon, according as they refuse or give absolution... The sentence of the priest precedes and God subscribes to it."
Source: Dignities and Duties of the Priest vol. 12, p. 27
Blasphemous Titles of the Pope
"The Pope is not only the representative of Jesus Christ, but he is Jesus Christ himself, hidden under the veil of flesh."
Source: The Catholic National July 1895
"All names which in the scriptures are applied to Christ, by virtue of which it is established that he is over the church, all the same names are applied to the Pope."
Source: Cardinal Bellarmine On the Authority of Councils Vol. 2, p.266
"Given in Rome from our palace, the 10th of February, 1817, the XIV jurisdiction of the most holy Pontiff and Father in Christ, and our Lord our 'god' the Pope, Leo XII ..."
Source: Rome as It Is p.180
"We hold upon this Earth the place of God Almighty."
Source: Pope Leo XIII, Encyclical Letter The great Encyclical Letters June 20, 1894

Revelation 13:5
"The beast was given a mouth to utter proud words and blasphemies..."

All of this is blasphemy of the highest order. Again Anti-Christ by definition means "alter Christus" or another Christ or in the place of Christ. Does this happen in the Roman Catholic system after reading their quotes? Yes! It does and it proves what all the reformers knew and held firmly during the reformation. The Church of the reformation had found out who the antichrist was so what happened? Did the reformed protestant churches forget? It seems the Protestants of late are no longer protesting!

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