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The Road to World war 3

Why did the United States attack Libya, Iraq, Afghanistan and Yemen? Why are U.S. operatives helping to destabilize Syria? And why is the United States government so intent in taking down Iran in spite of the fact that Iran has not attacked any country since 1798. And what's next? What are we headed for? When you look at the current trajectory that we're on it doesn't make any sense at all if you evaluate it based on what we're taught in school. And it doesn't make any sense if you base your worldview on the propaganda the mainstream media tries to pass off as news. But it makes perfect sense once you know the real motives of the powers that be. In order to understand those motives we first have to take a look at history.

In 1945 the Bretton wood's agreement established the dollar as the world reserve currency which meant that international commodities were priced in dollars. The agreement which gave the United States a distinct financial advantage was made in the condition that those dollars were to remain redeemable for gold at a consistent rate of 35 dollars per ounce. The United States promised not to print very much money, but this was on the honor system, because the Federal Reserve refused to allow any audits or supervision of its printing presses. In the years leading up to 1970, expenditures in the Vietnam War made it clear to many countries that the U.S. was printing far more money than it had in gold. And in response they began to ask for their gold back. This of course set off a rapid decline in the value of the dollar. The situation climaxed in 1971 when France attempted to withdraw its gold, and Nixon refused. On August 15th he made the following announcement:

"I have directed the Secretary of the Treasury to take the action necessary to defend the dollar against the speculators. I have directed Secretary Connolly to suspend temporarily the convertibility of the dollar into gold, or other reserve assets, except in amounts and conditions determined to be in the interest of monetary stability and in the best interest of the United States."

This was obviously not a temporary suspension as he claimed, rather a permanent default. And for the rest of the world to now entrust the United States with their gold. It was outright theft. In 1973, President Nixon asked King Faisal of Saudi Arabia to accept only the U.S. dollar as payment for oil and to invest any excess profits into U.S. treasury bonds, notes and bills. In return, Nixon offered military protection to Saudi oil fields. The same offer was given by Henry Kissinger to each of the world’s key oil producing countries and by 1975 every member of OPEC had agreed to sell their oil only in U.S. dollars. The act of moving the Dollar off of Gold and tying it to foreign oil instantly forced every oil importing country in the world to start maintaining a constant supply of Federal Reserve paper. In order to get that paper money they would have to send real physical goods to America and this was the birth of what is called the "Petrodollar". Paper went out and everything America needed came in and the United States got very Rich! It was the largest financial con or rather Ponzi scheme in recorded history.

The arms race of the cold war was just a game of poker. Military expenditures were the chips and the United States had and endless supply of chips. Now with the Petrodollar under its belt it was able to raise the stakes higher and higher. It could now militarily outspend any other country on the planet until it eventually spent more than every other country in the world combined.

The Soviet Union never had a chance. The collapse of the communist bloc in 1991 removed the last counter balance to military might. The United States was now the undisputed super power with no rival. Many had hoped this would mark a new era of peace and security. Unfortunately there were those in high places of power who had other ideas and within that same year the U.S. invaded Iraq in the first Gulf War in which I myself was present as a soldier. After crushing the Iraqi military and destroying their infrastructure including Hospitals and water purification plants. Crippling sanctions were soon imposed to prevent that infrastructure from being rebuilt. These sanctions which were initiated by Bush Sr. then sustained throughout the entire Clinton administration and lasted over a decade. These sanctions were estimated to have killed over 500,000 children alone. The Clinton administration had been fully aware of these figures according to the Secretary of State Madeleine Albright in a Television interview when questioned about this incredible loss said that the price was worth it. In November of 2000 Iraq began selling its Oil exclusively in Euro's this was a direct attack on the Dollar and U.S. financial dominance and it was not going to be tolerated. In response the U.S. Government with assistance from the mainstream media began to build up a massive propaganda campaign by claiming that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction and was planning to use them.
In 2003 the U.S. invaded and once they had control of the country oil sales were immediately switched back to Dollars. This is particularly notable due to the fact that switching back to the Dollar meant a 20% loss in revenue due to the Euro's higher value. It doesn't make any sense at all unless you take the Petrodollar into account.

Let us take a look at the events of the past 2 decades and see if you see a pattern. In Libya Kaddafi was in the process of organizing a bloc of African countries in creating a Gold based currency called the Dinar which they intended to use to replace the Dollar in that region.

U.S. and NATO forces helped destabilize and topple the Libyan government in 2011 and after taking control of the region U.S. armed "rebels" executed Kaddafi in cold blood and immediately set up the Libyan central bank. Iran has been actively campaigning to pull oil sales off of the Dollar for some time and it has recently secured agreements to trade its oil in exchange for Gold. In response the U.S. government with mainstream media propaganda has been building international support for military strikes on the pretext of Iran building a nuclear weapon. In the meantime U.S. sanctions which U.S. officials openly admit are aimed at causing a collapse of the Iranian economy. Syria is Iran's closest ally and they are bound by mutual defense agreements. Syria is currently in the process of being destabilized with the covert assistance of NATO. Russia and China have warned the United States not to get involved the White house has recently indicated its intentions of military intervention. Military intervention in Syria and Iran are next on the agenda just as it was in Iraq and in Libya. The U.S. is actively working to create the context which gives them the diplomatic cover to do what they already have planned. The motive for all of these invasions and covert actions becomes clear when we look at them in their full context and connect the dots. Those who control the United States understand that even if a few of those countries begin to sell their oil in another currency it will set off a chain reaction and the Dollar will collapse. They understand that there is absolutely nothing else holding up the value of the Dollar and so does the rest of the world. Rather than accepting the fact that the Dollar is nearing the end of its lifespan the psychopaths in control have made a calculated gambit. They have decided to use the brute force of the U.S. military to crush each and every resistant state in the Middle East and Africa. That in itself would be bad enough but what you need to understand is that this will not end in just Iran. China and Russia have stated publicly that they will not tolerate an attack on Iran or Syria. Iran is one of their key allies and one of the last oil producers in the region and they understand that if Iran falls they will have no way to escape the Dollar and will lead into a certain war. Yet the United States is pushing forward in spite of the warnings. What we are witnessing is a trajectory that leads into a global war on a mass scale.

You have to ask yourself, what kind of psychopath is willing to intentionally set off a global conflict that will lead to millions of deaths just to protect the value of a paper currency?

It certainly is not the current president because the decision to invade Iraq, Afghanistan, Yemen, Libya, Iran and Syria had already been made long before he arrived. Yet he is carrying out his duties the same as the puppets who preceded him. So who is it that pulls the strings? Often the best answers to asking a question like this is to ask another question and that question would be who is it that benefits? Obviously it is those who have the power to print the Dollar out of thin air have the most to lose if the Dollar were to fall. Since 1913 that power has been held by the Federal Reserve. The Federal Reserve is a private entity owned by a conglomerate of the most powerful banks in the world. The men who control those banks are the ones who pulls the strings. To them this is just a game. Your life and the lives of those you love are just pawns on their chessboard and like a spoiled child who tips the board onto the floor when they start to lose. Those powers are willing to start WW3 to keep control of the global financial system. Remember this when all of these wars extend finally to you and your family because these psychopathic madmen will take this as far as your willing to let them.

So, how much time do we have left? Months? Remember all of these central banks are controlled by the Vatican bank and to bring these criminal cartels to an end would take nothing less than a revolution.

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